The World of Gatihnar

Gatihnar World Map

World: Gatihnar

Satellites: 4, Cryopsus, Delvinia, Darkland & Solunis. Cryopsus is a light blue sphere slightly larger than its twin. Delvinia is a reddish hue. Solunis is a small white object that floats above the same point of the world at all times. Darkland is the largest moon and is totally black as seen in the sky. Darkland has the farthest orbit, the twins are in the middle and Solunis rotates the closest.

Continents: 4, Mid-Thal, Ingoth, Northern Platitude & Southern Platitude. The Island of Pior is off the coast of Mid-Thal.

Average Day: 6 sections of 4 hours each. Names of each section vary from region to region and also along ethnic lines.

Sentient Races: 8 (khentai, meizahn, sarabe, redoupian, wyrkin, hyin, gnuusmon and megoor). Also a long list of uncommon species of sentients who roam about the land.

Government: Noble house structure broken down thusly:

   Inhabitants rise and fall through combative war with their followers. Challenges from lower ranking nobles must be met or followers tend to stray to more honorable nobles.

Religious system: A dominating polytheistic theology has been the driving force for countless eons. Although the religious icons themselves have changed, the primal idea, namely that many can do much, has held fast.

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